PowerBerry Application for LCD control - Liquid Cristal
The connection between Raspberry and the LCD is made usig a I2C GPIO expander. From the SetUp page you can configure some parameters of the LCD : LCD line number, character size, display area in columns an rows.

Connection between Raspberry , I2C GPIO expander and LCD for PWB Liquid Cristal App
The App make some assumption about I2C GPIO extender and LCD:
- use I2C address 0x27;
- espect the following LCD pinning:

EN=2; !!Enable PIN;
RW=1; !!ReadWrite PIN;
RS=0; !!Register PIN (Command or Data);
D4=4; !!Data 0 PIN;
D5=5; !!Data 1 PIN;
D6=6; !!Data 2 PIN;
D7=7; !!Data 3 PIN;
BL=3; !!Back Light PIN;

If your LCD behaves different you have to change the LCD16XX\Init call parameters in the MAIN EXO.

This App is included in SUP. Get it from your DashBoard Page (LOGIN).

LCD displays are very economic and useful to bring information on real objects. This App demonstrate how to use them in PowerBerry in a simpatic way. You can connect to the app and if you change the text, in Real-time, the LCD display is updated as all the open App interface on your network, like an everyChat but with in plus, a Real Point of delivery : the LCD.


see LCDXXXX resourcessee the Project on Hackster.io